The European Midwives Association (EMA)

is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation of

midwives, representing midwifery organisations and

associations from the member states of the European

Union (EU), members of the Council of Europe, the

European Economic Area (EEA) and EU applicant


EU Health Policy

Health EU

European Health Forum

European Public Health Law Network

European Health Management Association

Response from EMA on the GP on "European Workforce for Health"



The Health-EU web portal presents comprehensive information on the various areas of interest that the EU is interested in.

Six main areas of interest, with a number of sub-areas, are identified.  Among the various topics, some are of particular interest to midwives and maternity services. We have listed all the topics here together with their url links.


My health Babies and Children Young people Women
Men Elderly People with disabilities
My lifestyle Nutrition Alcohol Drugs
Tobacco Travel Sports and Leisure
My environment At home At work Social environment
Environmental health Consumer safety Physical risks
Biological risks Chemical risks Road safety
Bioterrorism Food safety
Health problems HIV/AIDS Influenza Other infectious diseases
Mental health Cancer Rare diseases
Cardio-vascular diseases Other non communicable diseases
Care for me Patient safety Mobility in Europe Quality assurance
Long term care Medicine & Treatments Vaccinations
eHealth Insurance Carers
Health in the EU Policies Programmes Research
Prevention & promotion EC Health Indicators Statistics

Should you consider that further information may be of interest and ought to be added to this list or should you find any difficulty in accessing any of the links, please contact Joeri Vermeulen and she will make sure that your query is dealt with.





"The EU Health Forum serves as an information and consultation mechanism to ensure that the aims of the Community's health strategy are made clear to the public and respond to their concerns. It provides an opportunity to representative organisations of patients, health professionals and other stakeholders, such as health service providers, to make contributions to health policy development, its implementation and the setting of priorities for action.

The EU Health Forum is composed of two complementary elements: An Open Forum as a platform for general exchange of information and for a discussion with a broader range of groups and interested parties, and a Health Policy Forum with a consistent set of member organisations, for the discussion of key policy areas."

EMA is an active member of the Health Policy Forum.

The Health Policy Forum has published a number of recommendations on topics of interest for health in the EU:

Recommendations on Health Services and Internal Market (May 2005)
Recommendations on Health Information (May 2005)
Recommendations on Mobility of Health Professionals (December 2003)
Recommendation on Health and EU Social Policy (December 2003)
Recommendations on Health and Enlargement (November 2002)



The European Public Health law Network is a network of expertise on the use of the law for the promotion and protection of public health law across the European Union plus Croatia, Turkey, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. EPHLN was established under the EU co-funded PHLawFlu Project. The purpose of the network is to facilitate the exchange of information and expertise on the use of law as a tool for public health in Europe. Although EPHLN's focus is clearly European, we feel that we can also learn a great deal from public health law experts from beyond Europe. Therefore, we welcome members from all over the world.